Hill rolling!!!

After lots of trial and error Nursery discovered the secret to rolling quickly was to keep our arms straight up in front of us…it was a lot harder than it sounded but we had a blast trying to adapt our technique!!!! Some fab risk taking and physical challenge!

Today’s learning

It’s been a sunshine and showers kind of a day but we have had a great end to the week. From break dancing in EYFS to guitar in Y5 and a whole host of other great learning experiences, we have made the most of our day and are now ready for the weekend.  Enjoy the… More Today’s learning

A magical discovery 

Reception discovered a fairy door and fairy dining room in forest school. This inspired lots of creative thinking and writing. The children have been talking lots about fairy food and next week we will have a go at making some miniature pizzas and biscuits to give to them.                   

Phonics in Nursery

This term in Nursery we have begun a slow and steady introduction to letters and the sounds that they make. We have done lots of work over the last term on orally segmenting (breaking up) and blending (pushing back together) words to help us with our reading and writing skills and lots of us are… More Phonics in Nursery