Ashmead Primary School

Year 6 scaffold challenge.

Today we were challenged to produce a structure, using only tape and straws, which stood independently and could hold a cup of water at least 50cm from the floor.

Some were more successful than others…. 


Beep Beep Day

The children in KS1 and KS2 enjoyed an assembly on road safety led by Lauren and Sian this morning. They learned about the importance of wearing high visibility clothing and how to cross the road safely.

We then asked the children who had come to school wearing green, red or amber to make a giant traffic light in the playground!

Children in the EYFS have been involved too, running their own zebra crossing complete with a lollipop person.

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Beep Beep! Day

Children in Year 1 are enjoying a range of activities to increase their understanding of how to stay safe on the roads. 



Should Thames Water limit the supply of water to homes? Today Year 5 became representatives from Thames Water and Lewisham residents to debate the issue.  


Well done Year 6!

Year 6 had a special visitor today as a treat for all their hard work this week during our SATs. All of the children have been absolute super stars! 


The bad tempered ladybird

Reception have been thinking about how we express our emotions with our facial expressions and body language and linking this to the story. Here are our photos of our bad  



















 tempered and friendly ladybirds. We are currently writing speech bubbles to go with each character! 


Y4E plotting Roman cities and towns.

We used Google Earth to find towns, cities and roads that were built by the Romans and plotted these onto a map of the UK. We then plotted the locations of some of the UK’s natural resources that the Romans might have been interested in!

Y4E play the Celt game, taking turns to question each other.

When we finished playing we created posters, presenting all the facts we’d just learnt.


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