More on Safer Internet Day

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In KS2’s assembly on Safer Internet Day we thought about what we liked about the internet (games, finding things out, connecting with other people, watching YouTube) before thinking about how to keep safe whilst using it.

Here are the key messages from today’s assembly:

  1. Be careful trusting information on the internet. Make sure you know the website is reliable.
  2. Don’t share personal information – your name, your school, where you live, photos of yourself, etc. You cannot know who you are really communicating with – they could be a boy who says they’re a girl (or vice versa) or an adult who says they’re a child.
  3. Most social media sites – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – are only to be joined if you are 13 or older. A small number of children put their hands up today to say they do belong to one of these sites so parents and carers should check this and take appropriate action.
  4. Make sure no-one is able to access your account without your permission by making sure you have a secure password. We discussed not having easily guessable passwords, e.g. your name or birthday. Reassuringly the children laughed when I asked if anyone was using “password” as their password! Click on this link if you want to see good advice on creating a secure password:

  1. Remember that words you write and photos you share can remain online forever! Even if you have deleted putting something online that you later regret this may already have been shared (e.g. through a screenshot). A good rule is to imagine showing the words you’re writing or photos you’re sharing with your parents, your teachers or your friends and if this feels uncomfortable don’t post it!

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