Applications for a primary school place at Ashmead Primary School are processed centrally by the London Borough of Lewisham Admissions team, following Lewisham’s Determined Admissions Criteria If the school is oversubscribed places will be allocated to:

  1. Children in care
  2. Children with a medical or social need
  3. Siblings of children already in school
  4. Children who live closest to the school

If you are a Lewisham resident, to apply for a place in reception at Ashmead you need to either apply online on the eAdmissions website:, or complete a common application form, which is available from any Lewisham primary school or from AccessPoint in the Town Hall. Further information on applying to Lewisham primary schools is available via Lewisham’s website here and very detailed information on how to applying to start in a primary school is here.

  • Reception class
    Children start in reception the September after their fourth birthday.  Applications can be made between September and January for a place the following September.
  • Other year groups
    For any other applications, the parent/carer should contact Lewisham’s admissions team directly, by telephone on 020 8314 8282, by fax on 020 8314 3039 or by email on you are applying from another Lewisham school you will first need to meet with the Headteacher of the current school to discuss your reasons for wanting to move.
  • Nursery class
    Ashmead Primary School’s Nursery class offers 50 part time (15 hour) places (25 in the morning, 25 in the afternoon).  From September 2017 we will also offer 30-hour funded places. Children can start in nursery the term after their third birthday, dependent on places available.
    Applications for a place in our Nursery can be made directly to the school, by collecting an application form from the Reception desk and returning it directly to the school once completed.  Applications can be made at any time prior to the end of March for a place the following September. For details of over-subscription criteria for a Nursery place please see EYFS policy under our Policies tab.

Applying for admission to other year groups

Any ‘In-Year’ applications should be made directly to Lewisham Admission and Appeals Team on 020 8314 8282 or by email If you are applying from another Lewisham school you will first need to meet with the Head teacher of the current school to discuss your reasons for wanting to move.

Admissions Arrangements for SEND Pupils

Pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan

The admissions of pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or with an EHC Plan are dealt with by a completely separate procedure.

The procedure is integral to the making and maintaining of statements and EHC plans by the pupil’s home local authority.

Details of this separate procedure are set out in the SEND code of practice. Pupils with a statement or EHC plan naming the school will be admitted without reference to the standard criteria.

Visits to the school

We welcome visits from prospective parents and carers.  Please contact the school to arrange a visit.






  1. Hi there my daughter is 2 years old and I was wandering if I could put her down for reception class we live at 53 ashmead Road, any help would be great.



    1. Hi Jimmy, all admissions for Reception go through Lewisham the year before she is due to start. You can put her name down for our nursery though if you come in to school. Children in our nursery generally start (if we have spaces) once they are three. However, a place at our nursery is no guarantee of a place in Reception. That is decided by Lewisham’s criteria. Check out their website Hope that helps. Jane

    2. Hi James
      You will need to wait to apply until January in the year your daughter would start Reception. This is done through Lewisham’s application procedures. If you would like your daughter to be on our Nursery waiting list then please drop in to pick up a form.

      Best wishes.


  2. Hi Ashmead,

    The current open days listed on the site appear to be from 2015. Any news on when they will be updated for 2016 dates?

    I would like to attend an open day with my wife and daughter.

    Thanks in advance.


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